Saxon Mountain Road

“May God have mercy on your jeep,” not quite what I expected to hear from a Georgetown local when we stopped to ask him directions to Saxon Mountain Road.  In spite of his forebodings we decided to give the trail a shot anyway.  We took the first couple of switchbacks and concluded the local knew what he was talking about; we turned around and looked for a place to have a latte.

Colorado Trails assigns a difficulty rating of 4 to this trail. I have to disagree with the book on this one and bump that to a 5 or 6.  The road is strewn with large boulders the size of luggage; large embedded rocks and very deep ruts. They were certainly not conditions I felt comfortable with for my stock Jeep Wrangler.   Saxon Mountain Road felt more to me like Taylor Creek Pass (Level 6) over by Aspen then it did Deer Creek Road (Level 4) by Montezuma.

Unfortunately, my flip cam died on this trip (I have since replaced it) so I don’t have any video or our attempt.  Should you care to give Saxon Mountain Road a shot for yourself, don’t follow the directions in Colorado Trails. Things have changed in Georgetown since the book’s directions were written.  Here’s how to get there:

1)   Take exit 228 off I-70 into Georgetown. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn into town (left if you’re on I-70 westbound; right if you’re eastbound).  Now you’re on 15th street.

2)   Proceed straight to Main Street – all the way to a T intersection.

3)   Take a left on Main Street and proceed to Saxon Mountain Road. It is well marked. There are a couple Y intersections on Main Street as you go along; stay right. (If you use Google Maps and look up Georgetown CO, you’ll see a clear map to the trail.)

If you drive the trail, please post your comments here and let us know how it went.

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  3. m gasser says:

    Just went over the road today. Rocky, a few narrow locations due to large rocks. Would not want to do this in a wider wheel base than my 2008 jeep rubicon. Otherwise good road. Not for a novice.

  4. A & M says:

    We took the entire trail to the top in a new 2013 wrangler rubicon. Wow what a ride. Bone jarring for sure. Very narrow at times and several teeth clenching moments.

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