Guanella Pass

We drove Guanella Pass after attempting Saxon Mountain Road. At this time Guanella Pass is under construction so you can’t go all the way over to Grant. Guanella Pass has a difficulty rating of 1; is a graded, dirt road. Any passenger vehicle can drive this trail. You can proceed as far as Clear Lake before having to turn around.

The day we drove it, we saw deer and big horn sheep. You are more likely to see wildlife if you drive the road later in the evening as you move towards dusk.

Unfortunately, my flip cam died on this trip (I have since replaced it) so I don’t have any video.   Here’s how to get there:

1)   Take exit 228 off I-70 into Georgetown. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn into town (left if you’re on I-70 westbound; right if you’re eastbound).  Now you’re on 15th street.

2)   Take a right at the first stop sign (15th and Argentine Road) and head into town.

3)  Follow the signs to Guanella Pass.

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