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Google’s Quality Score – What is it Costing You?

Do you use Google AdWords as part of your online marketing strategy? You better pay attention to your Quality Score!

Facebook: Integration with All-Things Web

I can’t take a like of credit for this one but it’s too important not to get out there.  Bill French, a consultant with MyST Technology Partners posts this recently on his blog on the Summit Business network: If you aren’t racing to implement Facebook Connect services throughout your online marketing touch-points, you will soon […]

Findability: Beyond SEO

In 2005 information architect Peter Morville (findability.org) coined a term to describe the perfect fusion of all the elements of website development that create an excellent user experience: findability.  Author and teacher Aarron Walter (aarronwalter.com) provides what is – in my opinion – the best primer on findability, “Building Findable Websites” (Published by New Riders).  […]

Why a Website Can’t Grow Your Business

Jill Smith has published a book and wants to sell in it online.  She contacts a Web designer who offers three packages: an economy package, a mid-range package and a premium package.  Jill doesn’t know which option to pick so she goes with the least expensive one “in case this doesn’t work.” The designer builds […]

The Magic Money Making Formula in Online Marketing

You have a great website. You spent a lot of money on it. The designer put in all the latest bells and whistles to make your site as attractive as possible for your potential customers. After all is said and done, however, you find your site is not generating the revenue you think it should. […]

Business Networking Just Got Easier!

I have a Facebook account. The people on it are my friends. Some of them I hadn’t seen or heard from in years. I enjoy connecting with friends, sharing stories, asking questions – Facebook is a good tool for staying connected with friends. Some months ago I decided to create a new Facebook account and […]

The Internet is a Business or a Medium – Not Both

As a small business owner, what images does the word “Internet” conjure in your mind? Email? Facebook? Your business website? A funny video on YouTube, perhaps? Is the Internet a medium or a business?  How you answer that last question dramatically affects how you approach the Internet and the results of your Internet business activities. […]

“I could do it myself if I had the time…”

Usually when I hear these word at an initial interview with a potential client I know we probably won’t do the project.  Other variations of this comment include: My 8th grade niece learned how to do websites in school so I might have her do it for me I found some really great sites on […]

The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing: SEO

I receive a number of questions from friends and clients regarding the role of SEO in marketing. Most of those inquiries take the form, “Company XYZ offers SEO for $25 per page and a $500 setup fee. Is that a good deal?” Maybe – maybe not. Marketing dollars are precious and need to be spent […]

The Future of Cinema?

The world was stunned by Peter Jackson’s epic cinematic version of the Lord of the Rings. The production costs of LOTR comes in close to $310 million. With that kind of investment one would expect an epic movie. But for purist LOTR fans, the movies fall short. Several elements from the books are not present […]